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Come and play!

Anazir is available on ios & android!

Play Anazir for free right now! 
Take control of a golem army and dive into the battlefield!
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Experienced player or curious beginner, if your quest for a new and dynamic game has led you here, you’re on the right track!

Welcome TO Anazir

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Defend yourself and attack!

Anazir is a strategy game where you compete against thousands of players to acquire and control the crystallium.
Place towers to protect your base. With each wave, your towers will summon golems to attack your opponent’s base.
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neutral tower
gameplay imageneutral tower

Choose your Hero

The Hero is the cornerstone of your defense. It grows in power over time and possesses unique abilities! Choose wisely!


He is the hero of nature and earth, connected to the planet Humus. He is a pacifist and protective being, capable of bringing forth luxuriant jungle even in the most arid corners.
This innocent giant can unleash unmatched power when sensing malicious intent.
skill passif 1
Blessing of the Earth - Passive 1
Helak’s golems gain a vitality boost that increases their maximum health points.
skill passif 2
fracture - Passive 2
Helak’s attacks strike the ground with force, causing fractures that wound the golems and stun them.


The Hero of the planet Ignis, binded to the fire element and the blazing madness.
He brings misfortune and destruction in his wake. His dark project is to plunge the universe of Anazir into Chaos to awaken his sleeping god.
skill passif 1 mahlak
Blazing rage - Passive 1
Mahlak’s rage inspires the golems of his army, increasing their movement speed.
skill passif 2 mahlak
cataclysm - passive 2
Mahlak’s attacks are enveloped in the blaze of Ignis and inflict burns on the golems they hit.


Emerging from the depths of the planet Thetis, he is the Hero of water and its diverse forms. His body is composed of translucent crystals formed by the extreme pressures of the depths. The profound wisdom of Razan allows him to remain calm in all situations and control the titanic power stored within him.
skill passif 1 razan
Protective wave - Passive 1
Once per round, a wave travels up the opposing road, shielding allied golems along its path.
skill passif 2 razan
icy shards - passive 2
Razan's attacks deal area damage
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Form a dream team

Discover the different golems that forms your deck!
Each golem comes with a tower and its summons!
Discover all the golems
humus tower

The world of Anazir

We have set up an easily accessible ecosystem:
Play Anazir for free. Get digital cards if you want to earn rewards.
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The Free to Play mobile game

Anazir is free, enjoy the full gaming experience with no paywall.
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Cross the line

Anazir interests you and you want to go further? Our digital assets are there to reward your playing time.

The rewards

Earn income by playing Anazir and taking part in events throughout the year.
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We are Threevision, a French video game studio, driven by a burning passion for pushing the boundaries of innovation in the video game field. Our mission is clear: to provide players with entirely new and refreshing gaming experiences!
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Alexandre Pourghavami

Chief Executive Officer

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ZAKI Moussous

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Arthur Michigan

Chief Product Officer

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Amine moussous

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jason espinasse

chief technical officer

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jonathan Martelli

advisor & investor

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elio toutain

lead artist 3D

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artist director

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blockchain strategist

Come and test Anazir!

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