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The burning chaos

Shred your opponents base by unleashing an aggressive and devastating army on his side. Focused on dealing a lot of damage in a short period of time, the fire faction will best suit the offensive playstyle of those who wants to easily switch between full defense and full offense in a matter of seconds.


The rooted giants

Take control of the game with a strong growing playstyle and force the opponent to adapt each round until he can’t keep up. Centred around robust Golems, the rooted giants coalition is a force to be reckoned with for those aiming for stability and a secure win.


The abyssal cold

coming soon

Trick your way up the ladder with unorthodox strategies and summon Golems with powerfull capacities to spot and exploit your opponent’s weakness. The abyssal cold coalition is composed of ancient and primitive golems that will follow only the wisest among you.

The storm seekers

coming soon

Don’t let anyone take the lead. From start to end, swarm the opponent’s side with fast flying golems to harass and provoke mistakes. The storm seekers coalition holds a fast thinking playstyle that will thrive in the hand of skillful players.


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